We offer a variety of print and embroidery services to meet your needs and we have formulated a list, below, which provides an insight into various processes we currently use and examples of what kind of jobs these can be applicable to:

We offer a bespoke digital embroidery service and we embroider most garments ranging from hoodies and t-shirts to caps and tunics.
All artwork and digital design work supplied to our clients is produced on site by our specialised design team. This means we are able to reduce production time, gain full control of the project or job and offer a quick service while maintaining a high standard.

Customised Full Colour Printing
This is a print method involving direct to garment (DTG) and allows printing of full gradient colour onto materials such as polyester, cotton and nylon. By selecting and using this print method via sublimation or direct press, you are able to achieve a full colour print onto any colour garment. This print process is normally used on shorter print runs however it can be used on larger runs using a combination of screenprint or CAD based print.

Screen Printing

Industrial Label Printing

You may wish to provide us with your own garments to print or embroider however we can provide, print and embroider the following items directly at very competitive prices:
Hoodies & Sweatshirts
T-shirts & Polos
Fleeces & Micro Fleeces
Baseball Caps
Umbrellas & Waterproofs
and much more….